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Regal 4
Regal 4
Tent ShapeRectangle (with rounded corners)
Tent ColourAll Regal Marquees are white
with dark blue interiors.
Tent Length40 metres
Tent Width40 metres
Internal Floor Space1600 square metres
Tent Peg Line Measurement44 metres square
King Pole Peg Line Measurement48 metres square
King Pole Height16 metres
Distance Between King Poles15 metres
Interior Height (min.)4 metres
Interior Height (max.)10 metres
Minimum Area Needed48 metres square
Minimum Height Clearance18 metres
Hours to Erect (Tent Only)9 hours
Maximum Gradient of Erection Area15 degrees
Ground Surface RequiredAny (sandy or muddy ground by inspection only)
Pax 1600 Chairs Only
1100 Chairs & Tables


Regal 4


Regal 4 Regal 4 Regal 4 Regal 4 Regal 4 Regal 4
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